1. Corporate Structure

2. OEC Executive Officers

Odebrecht Engenharia e Construção S.A. Board of Executive Officers (Updated June/17)
Adriano Sá de Seixas Maia (June, 2017 – *A.G.M. 2019)
Alexandre Assaf Abo Assali (June, 2017 – *A.G.M. 2019)
Antônio Marco Campos Rabello (June, 2017 – *A.G.M. 2019)
Carlos Hermanny Filho (June, 2017 – *A.G.M. 2019)
Flávio Bento de Faria (June, 2017 – *A.G.M. 2019)
José Fábio Januário (June, 2017 – *A.G.M. 2019)
Saulo Vinícius Rocha Silveira (June, 2017 – *A.G.M. 2019)

* A.G.M. – Annual General Meeting


3. Board of Directors OEC

Members of the Board (Updated June/17)
João Pinheiro Nogueira Batista (Independent Member) (June, 2017 – *A.G.M. 2019)
Luciano Nitrini Guidolin (Chairman) (June, 2017 – *A.G.M. 2019)
Aluizio da Rocha Coelho Neto (June, 2017 – *A.G.M. 2019)
André Amaro da Silveira (June, 2017 – *A.G.M. 2019)
Carla Gouveia Barreto (June, 2017 – *A.G.M. 2019)
Daniel Bezerra Villar (June, 2017 – *A.G.M. 2019)
Marcela Aparecida Drehmer Andrade (June, 2017 – *A.G.M. 2019)
Roberto Lopes Pontes Simões (June, 2017 – *A.G.M. 2019)
Roberto Prisco Paraíso Ramos (June, 2017 – *A.G.M. 2019)

* A.G.M. – Annual General Meeting


4. Shareholders Meeting

The Shareholders Meeting is the decision-making body comprised of the Group’s Shareholders. It is responsible for electing members to Odebrecht S.A.’s Board of Directors. Shareholders delegate management of their tangible and intangible assets to the Board of Directors, whose primary responsibility is to deliver consistent, improving results.


5. Code of Conduct

One of the main principles of the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology, considered the Organization’s business philosophy, is good communication between the Leader and Team Member. The Members are encouraged to work on strengthening this relationship and to talk with their direct Leaders if they have any questions or become aware of any practices that are not aligned with the conduct expected by the Organization or which represent some violation of the Code of Conduct. This dialogue ensures that the appropriate measures can be taken. Access Here


6. Compliance

In 2016 the Compliance Committee was created, a permanent committee of the Board of Directors with the responsibility of monitoring internal controls and risk exposure as well as oversee financial statements elaboration. Was hired a responsable by Compliance (Chief Complience Officer – CCO), whom will report to the Compliance Committee and lead the team that will work in continuing to implement a highly effective global compliance program.